About Reedge

A new generation of Moving Company Software

To be able to move people and their belongings around the world, you must be able to move data in an equal fashion. Because an international move always involves multiple companies that all fulfill their own specific role, cooperation and data sharing are key for a fluid mobility process.

This is where Reedge steps in.

Relocation application

Moving to every degree

Globalization has changed our lives. It has changed the way we look at the world, the way we think, the way we work and how we communicate with other people. It has not only changed our own perceptions, but also the perceptions of the people around us.

We are expected to be mobile, to be within reach - whether it is with the click on a button or by taking the next plane. Our modern society requires it for being competitive to other organizations and people, and for experiencing our modern ways of working and private lives to their fullest.

That is why Reedge’s ambition is to make the world ‘smaller’ and more reachable. To enable moving, logistics and relocation companies to provide people and their organizations with a seamless mobility experience. To turn the famous ‘six degrees of separation’ into one degree, so to say.

We believe this increased reachability of people and places will allow businesses to flourish, talents to develop and new connections and networks to be established.

We believe in creating a smaller world by facilitating larger networks and enabling digital nomads and their organizations to achieve the best results.

The one place to go

We offer a software platform that is the central moving hub for moving and relocation companies, multinationals, employees and individual users. Our platform enables them to experience benefits such as:

  • Insight into the right data at the right moment
  • Seamless mobility by connecting people and services
  • Personalization through accessibility and applicability of data to all parties involved

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