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Crafted in Europe – Enjoyed Worldwide

A New Generation of Moving Company Software

There was a time, when smart moving software was only used by larger companies who could invest in the infrastructure and experts needed to operate these systems.

Reedge was established and operates from the historic port city of Rotterdam with the objective of putting the latest technology in the hands of small and medium sized moving companies. An affordable and modern moving services platform that improves efficiency and allows you to manage your business effectively and communicate with colleagues and customers throughout their move.

Relocation application

Moving Forward

We offer a solution that becomes the central hub for moving companies to manage their business. Our platform is developed on three core principles:

  1. Cloud Based
    Reedge is accessible 24/7 from any location allowing both in-office and remote working.

  2. Modern User Interface
    Reedge is designed using the latest technology architecture to provide a clear and fresh look and feel for you and your employees.

  3. Security
    Protection of data is critical to you and your customers. Reedge is ISO accredited for security management and reliable data protection.

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