Kylian Schipper

One of the first organizations working with Reedge is Transpack. Transpack is an international moving company focusing primarily on the logistic segment of a move.

We spoke with Kylian Schipper, branch manager of Transpack.

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Transpack international moving

As Transpack is primarily focused on the logistic segment of a move, everything is organized online. You can think about customs, getting crews on the right place at the right time, but also people who are moving themselves. We make sure everything gets from a to b via the most comfortable manner.

As we’re part of the Voerman Group, Reedge was a very logical choice for us to implement. As we were there from the beginning, we’re able to support with the development as we have a lot of practical experience to bring to the table.

Reedge helps us think about what we should arrange. In that sense it’s a program with a lot of administrative abilities. I think it will eventually evolve in a program where we can reach out to customers and talk to them via the Reedge portal.

Next to Reedge we’re also working with Redsky. But we aim to completely replace this with Reedge. As Reedge is more understandable, works faster and the look and feel are way more modern. A prime example of the usability of Reedge is the option to search for a phone number in the system. This makes it very easy to look up a client while you’re on the phone with them. Lastly, Reedge integrates nicely with our other systems, such as SurveyPro.

Reedge is a unique solution compared to other moving software systems as it thinks for you. By each update it gets more efficient and eventually this will save a lot of time in the total process.

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