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Ben Carter

One of Reedge’s early clients is UK-headquartered Icon Relocation. Icon is a growing relocation and moving services company providing domestic and international services.

Ben Carter, Chief Commercial Officer of Icon Relocation explained how integrating the Reedge platform into their domestic and international moves went.

Client case Icon Relocation Ben C

Two years ago, Icon Relocation determined that a new move management system was needed within their moving company. Along with the Icon Relocation team, Ben Carter, Chief Commercial Officer at Icon Relocation, decided to incorporate the Reedge platform to their moves, since it was a perfect fit in terms of capabilities, the modern look and feel, and ultimate data security. Ever since then, a strong partnership has evolved, improving the Reedge platform to where it is today. ‘’Implementing Reedge was very good, we were certainly supported by the people of Reedge in every single step of the process.’’

Today, Reedge is becoming the ultimate CRM-system. ‘’It’s really evolving as a system. Reedge is a very open and flexible system with options for API’s. We were also able to be involved from the very start and we were really listened to as a client.’’ A really good thing about the Reedge platform is that all the information is in one place. ‘’Employees of Reedge really do understand what is required for the mover and the assignee at the same time. It solves the fact that everybody is in one place and that everything is visible for the whole organization.’’ In the portal, you can interact directly with the assignee about quotes and authorization of quotes, so it is super efficient and saves time. ‘’For us, the whole point of CRM is that it saves time. Reedge is a very direct system and it is certainly time efficient.’’

In the future, Ben Carter would love to see emails to be incorporated into the system. ‘This functionality would really make a massive difference for the users. It obviously would be a difficult thing to do, as it is a complex functionality to involve into a system. However, I know that they are looking into this function and I think this will be incorporated into the system shortly. At Reedge, they have very good knowledge of the moving industry and really understand what they need to do to optimize their system and keep it updated.’’

Ben Carter is excited for more companies to get involved with the Reedge system. ‘The more companies are involved, the quicker the development will go. Everybody can bring forward their knowledge for further development of the system, which Reedge is very open and flexible to. It’s an open system with an open architecture, with nice API solutions. There are not many systems out there in the moving world that enable that with such ease that we found before. I think that Reedge is really going to accelerate.’’

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