Finance feature

Keep track of your finance

Reedge provides everything you need to price moves accurately and maintain a clear record of expected costs. Whenever you send a quotation, invoice or credit note, a copy of the quotation and invoice in PDF format is automatically stored in your document section. This way all your orders will be easily traceable within Reedge.

Company results are easily accessible via an overview of all your financial data. Do you want to compile a financial report? Reedge thought of that as well. You can download your financial results to Excel!

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An overview of the most important financial information

Your revenue is important. Naturally, you want to see in an instance how your business is performing. Via the Company Dashboard you’re able to see your current revenue right away. Not only that, but you can see all up to date statuses and filter by date. Your performance, always within Reedge.

Send financial documents to partners & clients

Is your quote ready to be sent to your customer? Reedge enables you to publish your quote in your customers personal Reedge portal with one click on the button. If you have a financial document ready and online, the customer will be notified immediately. They will receive a personal link to their Customer Portal where they can view and approve your proposal.

Create invoices easily

So, you’ve created your order and quotation for your customer. When they accept it, it’s time to send that invoice! As you might expect from Reedge, your invoice is already automatically filled with the info extracted from the quotation. Do you want to add multiple orders to the same account? No problem, Reedge provides you with the option of combined order invoicing!

Ready to Reedge out

Bring your company closer to your clients and your clients closer to their next destination with Reedge. Request a demo and experience Reedge yourself!

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