Operations feature

Complete control over your operations

Planning and allocating resources have traditionally been carried out on a whiteboard or spreadsheet in the operations office. Reedge provides you with the ability to list available groupages, trucks, and staff daily and assign them to each move.

Quickly identify busy periods so you can secure additional resources in advance and provide transparency to your sales representatives or move management team. Reedge makes operational planning a breeze!

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Start your workday with your company dashboard

Your company dashboard gives you the overview you need for managing your business and coordinating your company's moves. This performance dashboard helps you start each day smoothly by showing you the status of your moving company in one overview, including:

  • Moving company performances insights
  • Quickly navigate to recently viewed assignments
  • Your personalized to-do list
  • Notifications of important events
  • Smart search your customer database

Your business planning in one perfect view

Reedge is a fully integrated tool for task management, which allows careful planning of each task by your coordinators. With the calendar feature, you have a central overview of all assignment's schedules.

Assign work tickets to colleagues

Reedge allows you to plan tasks and assign each sub-task to a different person. For example, it is possible to assign an intake-call task to one colleague and to link the in-home survey to another co-worker. When you assign a task, it will be added to your colleagues’ personal to-do lists.

Share notes and send messages

Collaborating with your colleagues is easy by centralizing all communication in one portal. Notifications of tasks, messages and other important events are sent to the right person at the right moment - whether that is a coordinator working for your company or a customer that needs to upload his passport.

Groupage container transport

With our groupage module, you can optimally plan partial container shipments, and put together freight documents and operational matters quickly and easily in one overview.

Ready to Reedge out

Bring your company closer to your clients and your clients closer to their next destination with Reedge. Request a demo and experience Reedge yourself!

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