Sales feature

Keep track of every sales opportunity

Sales success is the engine of any moving company, but sometimes opportunities slip through the net. Follow up calls are missed and before you know it a competitor wins the move.

The Reedge system allows you to organize and track your sales pipeline throughout each phase of the sale, from receiving the lead, initial contact, follow up, pre-move survey to closing the business.

Keep track of leads

Reedge gives you a quick overview of all your leads and the leads that require attention. Assign a status to leads, get notified when it’s time to follow up on an inquiry and see whether a quote has been issued or accepted. You can always retrace information about your historical sales.

Easily and quickly create quotes

Whenever you create an assignment for an incoming lead, Reedge automatically creates a pre-filled quote based on your company’s settings and services. Simply enter default rates for your most popular services and Reedge automatically calculates your selling price based on your pre-move survey data, even if a rate is dependent of volume or weight! It is also possible to quote on multiple levels: a lumpsum price, a price for all origin, freight or destination services or a detailed quotation with rates for each service.

Personal customer portal

Customers will receive a personal link to their Customer Portal where they can view your quote, provide feedback and sign your proposal. Moreover, you can send quotes and invoices in the currency of your customers and keep your financial report in your own currency. Did your customer sign? Then convert the quotation into an order in one click.

Ready to Reedge out

Bring your company closer to your clients and your clients closer to their next destination with Reedge. Request a demo and experience Reedge yourself!

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