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All your moving software connected within Reedge

No more cutting and pasting or double data entry: Reedge works perfectly with moving apps and programs that you probably already use in your daily work. Integrate your current and future solutions with Reedge.

Send survey results and inventory information directly to Reedge using external applications. Reedge integrates directly with solutions such as Quickbooks, SurveyPro and CrewPro to send information directly to the platform allowing you to respond faster to quote opportunities and storing all move information in one place.

Sharing information has never been easier!

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Integrate survey software

The pre-move survey is an important milestone in the process, that is why it is valuable that you can access surveys in your Reedge Move Management environment. Reedge allows you to add survey reports of surveys that have already been performed. If your company is using the SurveyPro application by Move4U you can even directly schedule a survey task for one of your surveyors via Reedge.

Why integrate SurveyPro with Reedge?

  • Add all your SurveyPro data to Reedge
  • Link all received surveys to the correct contact person in your CRM
  • Create follow-up tasks directly from Reedge
  • Schedule a new survey directly in Reedge
  • Automatically keep track of all contact moments with leads and customers in your CRM

Your account must belong to an Move4U license to install the integration. Are you curious what benefits this integration can bring you? Request a free demo!

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