Module in the spotlight: Leads

Every relocation and every assignment starts from the same point: an incoming lead that you want to follow up on in the right way. A lead has the greatest chance of success when approached at the right time, by the right person, with the right proposal. For an average moving company that receives multiple leads per day through various channels, managing this process can be quite challenging. That is why LeadGen is a major part of our Reedge platform. We understand that this is the first but crucial step in your entire process.

How do leads come into Reedge?

Leads can come into Reedge in various ways. We have developed several API integrations that allow us to connect your lead platform with Reedge. Additionally, you can manually add new leads to Reedge, for example, after an incoming phone call. Here is a list of the different sources that you can assign to a lead:

  • Booking agent

  • Website

  • Phone call

  • Purchased lead

  • Other

Our additional LeadGen functionality

As mentioned earlier, there are various API integrations available as an additional feature to the standard modules of Reedge. If your moving company is already using a certain system for new leads, such as ReloAdvisor or another system, then you have the option to add an API integration between this system and your Reedge plan. This will allow all leads from your external systems to be automatically imported into Reedge, where you can follow up on them in the same way as leads that come in from other sources.

How do you follow up on leads in Reedge?

Once your lead comes into the Reedge platform, we provide you with all the tools to follow up on it in the right way. You can assign a responsible person from your organization to the lead, which will appear as a to-do in their personal planning. This way, you can trust and ensure that the leads are followed up on in a timely manner. Furthermore, your salespersons can provide the lead with a quote or proposal from A to Z using Reedge. They can easily and quickly build a good quote through Reedge by using pre-set prices and assignment templates. You can then send the quote to the customer through Reedge, collect their feedback, make adjustments, or approve the quote. After approval, the quote will automatically convert into an order, which you can continue with in terms of move management.

Reporting and analyzing

By collecting all the information about your leads and their processing in one central place, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your follow-up. Which leads have the highest chance of success? What is my booking rate? Which services are more frequently used than others? Which price is best suited for which target group? Which months are best in terms of revenue or profit? Or does one of my salespersons' methods work better than the other? All of these are super interesting and relevant statistics that help you take the next step with your moving company.

We would love to show you how LeadGen, as well as our other functionalities, work within Reedge. Therefore, we invite you to a personal demo. Interested? Let us know!

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