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Manage and optimize your business

Always keep an eye on how your business is performing! With clear insights in sales performance, move statuses and employee-specific statistics.

“Our ambition is to make the world a ‘smaller’, more reachable place. To enable move, logistics and relocation companies to provide people and their companies with a seamless mobility experience.”
Joggie Taute - CEO RedSky Mobility Solutions
Streamline process efficiency
Easy access for all clients and moves
Integration with other tools
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Do better moves with better sales

Create a head start through a smooth sales process. Manage your incoming leads and provide them with quick, automated quotes and a timely follow-up.

“The fact that I can send and retrieve quotes without having to use email saves me enormous amounts of time, day after day.”
Lichella van Winsen - Sales respresentative Transpacking Shipping Services
Keep track of leads
Save time creating quotes
Provide quick and accurate service
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Coordinate and keep track of your moves

Coordination of a move starts as soon as your quote has been accepted by the customer. Services need to be planned, external service providers need to be confirmed and your customer wants to know how and when everything is going to take place. Having many clients, all of these processes might put a burden on your coordinators. Reedge turns this burden into a breeze.

“Reedge allowed me to focus my coordination around providing service, instead of only contacting my customers whenever something went wrong.”
Hugo van Bastelaere - Coordinator Transpack Shipping Services
Manage move status and changes
Service your customers
Cooperate with other agents

See what’s ahead

Our mission is to create a smaller, more reachable world, with larger networks and more connectivity between people, companies and places. To do so, we keep innovating and developing our solution.

Therefore, we’d like to give you a sneak peek on what’s ahead for moving companies, relocation companies, employers and individuals all around the world!

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