Move feature

Manage your moves

No more post-it notes, calendar reminders or e-mails to check up on actions. Reedge provides a customizable solution to set tasks to manage your customer communication for local, long distance and international moves. With the ability to review and oversee late or missed tasks, you can improve your customer experience. No more missed calls, with Reedge!

Stay in close contact with customers

You can stay in touch with your customers through the Reedge Customer Portal that provides them with an overview of their move, a live chat function and the ability to share documents. Here you can track all customer contact throughout the move, create customized tasks and set notifications for team members.

All information in one place

When contacting customers, you have all relevant information at hand, gathered in one place:

personal details of your customer and all details considering the move assignment. This includes an overview of the status of the moving process, general assignment notes and upcoming moving tasks in the to do list. You can also quickly and easily navigate to the estimated volume, ordered services, finances, planning, documents and contacts in the Move Assignment. So, no more searching for files!

Share documents quickly and safely

All documents you create or upload to Reedge are easily accessible in the Documents section. Whenever a quotation or invoice is created through Reedge, a PDF document is automatically created and findable in your documents. This also applies to any other document that you upload or attach to a message, such as manifests for dispatch, passports or visas. Every document is accessible to you and your colleagues at all times and can also easily be shared with your customer.

Ready to Reedge out

Bring your company closer to your clients and your clients closer to their next destination with Reedge. Request a demo and experience Reedge yourself!

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