Reedge revealed at IAM 2018

PRESS RELEASE September 20, 2018

WASHINGTON D.C. - RedSky Mobility Solutions announces that their new global mobility management platform Reedge will be present at this year’s IAM in Washington D.C. Visitors of the expo will have a chance to get introduced to the new product at expo booth number 638.

“The product can be experienced through a personal demo at the stand,” explains Reedge representative Koen van Lierop on behalf of RedSky Mobility Solutions. Reedge, scheduled for launch in Q1 of 2019, is currently in development. “That is why we would love to hear feedback from moving companies world-wide at the IAM expo. Reedge is a product developed in close cooperation with representatives from move companies, because our goal is to seamlessly integrate with their current processes,” van Lierop explains.

Visitors interested in a demo of the new platform can schedule a demo through Those not present at the IAM, can already pre-register for a free trial of Reedge when the product launches.

About Reedge

Reedge is a global mobility management system developed by RedSky Mobility Solutions and Move4U. With Reedge, both parties aim to unite all stakeholders involved in global mobility within one single platform, ranging from moving and relocation companies to consumers, employers and their employees.

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