Reedge platform update 1.0.10

Version 1.0.10 release notes

May 25, 2020

With the latest update to the Reedge Essentials Platform, we introduce a new feature called 'Contacts' for managing contact information of everyone involved in a move - from customers to partner agents and colleagues.

New features

  • Have an overview of everyone involved in a move and quickly access their contact information with the all-new 'Contacts' feature
  • The new Contacts feature has been integrated in other features for an even quicker workflow. Enjoy quickly accessing and adding contacts during the creation of an assignment, while sending a quotation and more!
  • Quickly start conversations with your favorite Contacts: messaging via the Reedge Activity Feed has now been integrated with the Contacts feature!
  • And to make communicating via Reedge even easier, you and your customers can now reply to email notifications that have been sent by Reedge! Just reply to an email, type the reply above the line in the email and the recipient will automatically receive the message and a notification in their Reedge environment or Customer Portal.
  • Added a new 'Payment' milestone to the Milestones widget of the Assignment Overview
  • You can now assign service providers to individual services and service groups


  • Improved general system performance and speed
  • Various improvements to the Customer Portal, such as a new 'Welcome' message and bug fixes
  • Improved word choice and naming of navigation items and system messages across the platform
  • Fixed bugs and inaccuracies across the system

If you have any questions or feedback for the development team, do not hesitate to contact us through our support page!

- The Reedge Team

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