Optimize your work processes with To-Do's

Reedge offers you all functionalities to manage your moves. No more post-it notes or calendar reminders to check up on actions. Reedge provides a customizable solution to set tasks for your employees to manage local, long distance or international moves.

One important feature that has been developed for move management is the To-Do functionality. To-Do’s are small and simple tasks that can be added to a bigger task or service. To-Do’s automatically appear when executing these tasks and can be allocated to one of your users. The users will get a notification and will have a clear overview of the To-Do’s that are allocated to them for a specific day.

The To-Do functionality has been a popular functionality among our users. As part of our continuous improvements, the To-Do functionality is under constant optimization. For example, the To-Do’s are redesigned to so-called To-Do ‘rules’. One can personalize these rules so that custom To-Do’s for your company can be added to all of your processes within the Reedge platform.

Here are a few examples of To-Do’s you can set within Reedge. You are able to notify one of your employees to:

  • Send an instruction email to a client when an assignment is being booked;

  • Schedule a survey on location;

  • Confirm moving box delivery at the client one day before;

  • Make a call to a customer in the morning of the packing day to confirm the arrival time;

  • Book a container for a oversee move;

  • Upload a VISA copy of the client for customs clearance;

  • Prepare the quotation of an incoming lead;

  • And much more…

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