Reedge launches Warehousing Module for moving companies

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Reedge, the all-in-one software solution for the moving industry, has launched its latest module that provides full transparency of every move that a company has in store. The Warehouse Management feature allows moving businesses to take full control of the location and contents of each storage container, crate, or liftvan.

With the most modern user-friendly look and feel, Reedge puts an end to endless paperwork and also provides full insight for warehouse efficiency, including moves arriving into store and those that are leaving storage. If a storage container is moved to a new location, details can be immediately updated and tracked from the office or warehouse.

When combined with the CrewPro digital inventory application, moving companies can quickly identify the contents of each container, allowing clients to retrieve individual items without searching through paper inventories.

Learn more about the Reedge Warehouse Management module today and take advantage of the range of benefits that Reedge can deliver to your moving company:

  • Sales Management
  • Move Management
  • Operations and Scheduling
  • Pricing, Invoicing and Reporting

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