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During these difficult times keeping your business operating while protecting the health and welfare of your staff and your customers can be a monumental challenge. Reedge can help.

Reedge is a secure, cloud-based, end to end move management platform that allows your staff to manage your enquiries, quotes and coordination from the safety and security of the office or their home. Built on the latest technology, Reedge offers a lightning-fast, modern and intuitive move management experience.

Seem like a crazy time to implement a new software? Reedge staff will get you up and running, trained and using the system in a few short days. Reedge is designed to be intuitive, and easily set up and customized to your preferred move management practices.

As we all anxiously await the global crisis to abate, we recognize that this is not business as usual. We also understand that this will have an impact on our industry for a significant period of time.

To assist you in reducing your costs, having your staff work safely and securely from home or office with remote web-based access we are offering Reedge free of charge for a 6 month, no obligation trial period. No strings attached.

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