Improved Quotation and Invoicing features

Reedge provides everything you need to price moves accurately and to create and send quotations, invoices and credit notes. Thereby, your company results are easily accessible via an overview of all your financial data.

As part of our continuous improvement and the feedback we got from current Reedge users, some changes have been made to the finance functionality.

How does Reedge support you in your quotation process?

First, Reedge automatically provides quotations. Moving and relocation companies can set their, or their partners, default prices within the Reedge platform, depending on the type of move (national vs. international) and its desired services (transport only, or including packing, loading, and more). Once a lead comes in via the platform, the default prices will automatically be added to the quotation based on the type of assignment that is selected. That means that the majority of your quote is automatically created and ready in the platform! The only thing you have to do is to review the prices and services. Moreover, you can add services or omit them. Additionally, if desired you could adapt prices of a survey for an individual move. The system provides you with possibilities to directly send the quotation to the customer, or to convert it into a work order once approved.

Reedge supports you to execute a move or assignment with a work order. After you provided all of your services to the client, it is time to send them an invoice. Reedge automatically creates invoices based on your quotation and the performed services. Do you want to add multiple orders to the same account? No problem, Reedge provides you with the option of combined order invoicing.

Finally, Reedge automatically calculates your financial statistics of each month or week. See in an instance how your business is performing.

What has been improved?

  • Change sales prices or percentages separately for each quotation or service, independent of their default price settings;

  • Automatic markup calculations based on selling price, price costs, VAT percentages, etc.;

  • Once an invoice is sent, it will lock the line in your work order so that it is not possible to make any more changes.

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