Things you didn't know you could do with Reedge

A new generation of moving company software enables the relocation of individuals and their possessions worldwide with smooth movement of data. Moving internationally always comes with a lot of companies and partners involved, which all fulfill their own specific role in cooperation and data sharing. Reedge provides software for moving companies to streamline this process.

In this article, we highlight all the things you didn’t know you could do with Reedge.

Streamline your sales pipelines

The driving force behind any moving company is its sales achievements, yet occasionally, opportunities go unnoticed. Follow-up calls can be overlooked, leading to a competitor securing the relocation. These are human errors, which are natural, but not desirable. They can be avoided by high-quality company software.

The Reedge platform empowers you to systematically manage and monitor your sales pipeline across every stage of the process, spanning from lead acquisition, initial interaction, follow-ups, pre-move surveys, to finalizing the deal.

The move from A to Z

Say goodbye to post-it notes, calendar alerts, and endless email follow-ups. Reedge introduces a tailor-made remedy for orchestrating tasks in your customer communications across local, long-distance, and international relocations. Seamlessly monitor and address overdue or overlooked tasks, bolstering your customer experience.

Manage your daily tasks

The classical workflow of the planning process and resource allocation was done with manual methods (like whiteboards and spreadsheets) within the operations' office. Reedge makes this a lot more simple nowadays. We provide you with the ability to list available groupages, trucks, and staff daily. Also, we make it possible to assign them to each move.

Like this you can quickly identify busy periods, allowing you to secure additional resources in advance and provide transparent communication to your sales to or move management division.

Financial possibilities

Reedge equips you with all the essentials for the precise pricing of moves and meticulous tracking of anticipated expenditures. Every time a quotation, invoice, or credit note is dispatched, an automatic PDF copy of the quote and invoice is archived within your document repository. This streamlined approach ensures effortless retrieval of all your orders.

A comprehensive view of your financial data grants access to your company's performance. Need to assemble a financial report? Your financial outcomes can be effortlessly exported to Excel for your convenience.

Did you know that with Reedge your data is protected according to ISO standards? Read more about the accessibility and security of Reedge!

Keep track of your warehousing

Moving companies often utilize various storage locations to temporarily house customers' belongings. Sometimes, there's a gap between moving out of the current location and moving into the new one. This could be due to renovations or temporary housing, for instance. Storage is diverse and involves numerous logistical tasks. You'd want your storage to remain organized, with items you might need first strategically placed, and the ability to quickly locate specific items. Additionally, you'd want to track which customers' belongings enter or exit the storage facility. Reedge makes all of this achievable!

Connect with current used software

Did you know that Reedge works perfectly with moving programs and applications? This means no more double data entry, or cutting and pasting. It perfectly synchronizes with all the applications and programs you were already using. Via external apps (see: integrations) you can directly transmit your survey outcomes and inventory details. Platforms like SurveyPro, Quickbooks and CrewPro are easily integrated.

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