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Always keep an eye on how your business is performing! With clear insights in sales performance, move statuses and employee-specific statistics.

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Streamline process efficiency

The Reedge system has been designed around the idea that users should be able to get a quick overview of the most important updates on their moves as well as a detailed status report on sales or individual assignments.

Reedge features three layers that represent the level of detail of the information you are looking for. The system’s blue layer consists of a dashboard with general updates and performance indicators across all customers and assignments.

The green layer combines all information on a client level, representing aggregated information from all assignments of a particular client. Lastly, Reedge allows managers, sales representatives and coordinators to view progress and performance reports on an assignment level: information that applies to one particular assignment. In doing so, we create an easy way of accessing and analyzing relevant data and what's even better is that we plan to have tailored reports based on the user’s role within the company in the near future.

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Easy access for all clients and moves

With the potential of so much data available in one system, we’ve made accessibility of information an important design principle. Whenever you’re in need of specific information, just hit the omnipresent search bar and it will instantly return every piece of information related to your query.

Save time and effort by quickly navigating through all of your digital client and assignment data!

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Integration with other tools

A move management system like Reedge forms the core for all your company’s move-related processes and activities. We can imagine that you use separate tools for your sales, surveys or packing processes. Therefore, we are constantly working on connectivity between Reedge and the industry’s popular applications for movers.

To see what’s in store for the near future, check our ‘What’s ahead’ page.

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