Coordinate and keep track of your moves

Coordination of a move starts as soon as your quote has been accepted by the customer. Services need to be planned, external service providers need to be confirmed and your customer wants to know how and when everything is going to take place. Having many clients, all of these processes might put a burden on your coordinators. Reedge turns this burden into a breeze.

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Manage move status and changes

When all services within the assignment have been agreed upon and planned, the move is ready to be carried out. Reedge provides you with insight into the status of every service within the move and notifies you when services are about to exceed their planning. This way, you can inform your clients on time and reach out to external agents when necessary. Experience complete control by complete insights.

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Service your customers

In move coordination, a lot of time is usually spent answering customers’ questions regarding their move planning and progress. With the Reedge Customer Portal, you can publish important information straight into your client’s own digital environment.

When something changes, all it takes is sending out a notification to let your customer know. Spend less time communicating and more time servicing!

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Cooperate with other agents

If you’re working on an international move or providing logistics within a relocation process, you’ll know that cooperation with other parties is essential.

Reedge unites, all parties involved in a move in one system, and allows you to quickly retrieve rates and share important information and documents, such as surveys, packing data and the move planning. If any questions for an external agent arise, just send out your question through the system straight into the agent’s mailbox and Agent Portal, which will be released in a future update.

Ready to Reedge Out

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