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These difficult times have presented us all with personal and professional challenges.

In the moving industry, one of the biggest challenges we hear has been the need to stay open for business while protecting the health of your staff and customers. Most companies are simply not set up for remote working and communicating status of enquiries, quotes and moves, has not been easy. For that reason and with no strings attached, we want to give your entire team 6-months free access to Reedge – the latest move management system from RedSky Mobility Solutions.

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Reedge is a secure cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your enquiries, quotes and moves in one place allowing all members of your team to see what is going on from any location. Quickly assign leads to a salesperson and track tasks from the office or home. Built on the latest technology, Reedge offers a lightning-fast, modern and intuitive move management experience.

While not the time for big investments, this is a time to review your current business processes and take the opportunity to improve and make the most of the future.

Therefore, as a valued member of our network, we want to offer you six months of free Reedge usage. Not for one user, but for your entire company. No strings attached, as after the six months of free usage have expired, you will get the option to continue or cancel your license. 

Go ahead and try it out – six months free use with no obligations. Cancel at any time!

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