Reedge manage moving services and tasks software

Plan services and tasks straight while keeping overview and control

Reedge comes with a variety of pre-configured services that help you perform common moving tasks. These tasks are predefined based on workflows from mobility service providers around the world. Do you need extra services or does your company have specific names for particular services? Just edit or add them yourself in your Admin Panel.

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Reedge default services and tasks

Pre-configured services groups

Say hello to efficient and fast workflows! With our Reedge move management software, service groups are automatically added to your assignment based on the most likely shipment method of the assignment. No need to manually add every service. Just tailor your assignment to your needs in a few clicks!

Reedge software moving tasks

Pre-configured services and tasks

Reedge comes with a standard set of services per service group such as: Loading, Custom Clearance, Export packing, Combined transport, Handyman Service, Unloading, Airport storage, Dealing with special items, insurance, shuttle services, unpacking and many more!

Add additional moving services

Add additional services

Can't find a service or task from your company's service offering? You can add every service or task you want and make them part of your company's default workflows in the admin panel.

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Schedule move assignment services and tasks

Schedule services and assign tasks to colleagues

Schedule services and related tasks directly from the overview screen. It is possible to assign an intake-call to one colleague and to link the in-home survey to another co-worker. When you are assigned a task, it will be added to your personal to-do list. This enables you to quickly respond to the needs of the process. You can also add notes within these tasks to keep colleagues up to date with the latest information. Learn more about planning and task management in the Scheduler!

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