Reedge moving quotes and invoices

Creating quotations and invoices has never been easier

Reedge makes finances easy: calculate and create quotes, manage additional costs and easily send quotes to partners and customers. A quotation is already waiting as soon as you create your assignment!

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Reedge move management software moving quotation

Pre-filled quotes based on your company

Whenever you create an assignment for an incoming lead, a pre-filled quote based on your company’s settings and services will automatically be created for your lead. You can always comment, edit, add or remove items on the quotation manually.

Quote on multiple levels

It is also possible to quote on multiple levels: a lumpsum price, a price for all origin, freight or destination services or a detailed quotation with rates for each service.

Flexible invoicing

Creating invoices has never been easier: with Reedge, moving companies can convert accepted quotes to invoices in an instant. It is also possible to do flexible invoicing by clicking the services you want to invoice.

Reedge moving quote software mail recipients

Send financial documents to partners and clients

Is your quote ready to be sent to your customer? Reedge enables you to publish your quote in your customers personal Reedge portal with one click on the button.

If you have a financial document ready and online, the customer will be notified immediately. They will receive a personal link to their Customer Portal where they can view and approve your proposal.

Reedge calculate moving quote

Quickly calculate your prices

Reedge features an interactive quotation and order management tool. Let Reedge calculate your selling price by adding your margin and VAT on top of your estimated costs. And don't worry if values change: Reedge will automatically recalculate them for you to have a solid, matching quotation.

Reedge moving quote multi currency support

Multi-currency support

Do you have an international customer base? Then you can send them quotes and invoices in their currency and at the same time keep your financial report in your currency.

Reedge estimated prices vs actual costs

Manage additional costs

Everyone experiences it, you have estimated a service at a certain value, but you encounter new tasks on the location that are not included in the main offer. With Reedge's cost corrections you can adjust or add prices and services in the assignment and, if necessary, re-invoice them to the customer.

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