Reedge moving software document management

Centrally store and manage every assignment’s documents

The Reedge Documents feature has been designed for storage of important assignment documents. Have every assignment's quotations and invoices, manifests for dispatch, passports, visas and other documents in one convenient place.

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Reedge move management document management

Quickly share documents

Whenever a quotation or invoice is created through Reedge, a PDF document is automatically created and placed within the Documents section. Just like any other document that you upload or attach to a message. Every document is accessible to you and your colleagues at all times and can also be shared with your customer in a few clicks when needed.

Reedge upload documents and categorize

Upload and easily categorize documents

Within Reedge you can easily upload and organize all documents by simply categorizing them. For example, give them the tag inventory, finances, or services.

Reedge quickly notify colleauges documents

Quickly notify colleagues

Quickly notify a colleague of a certain document when it has been uploaded to Reedge. This way all colleagues will be kept perfectly informed of all important documents!

Reedge give customers access to documents

Give the customer access

Choose which documents you want to make available for your customer – and remove access again if needed.

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