Reedge moving software with CRM functionallity

Manage each customer from lead to satisfied client

Reedge also includes a CRM functionality to help you efficiently and successfully manage all customer relationships and interactions with existing and potential clients. This means that all the important customer data is stored in one place for your moving company. The Reedge platform has been developed in such a way that it is easy to manage for users and customers.

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Reedge moving software smart search moving partners

Easily search for relations and assignments

With the potential of so much data available in one system, we’ve made accessibility of information an important design principle. Whenever you’re in need of specific information, just hit the search bar and it will instantly return every piece of information related to your query.

No more duplicated files

One of the most common pitfalls for moving and relocation management software is allowing the creation of duplicate customer files and data. Reedge Smart Search puts an immediate, user-friendly end to that. The Smart Search bar at the top of your screen allows you to quickly search for anything related to your customers and assignments. And the way Reedge has been set up, you always search first before you create a user. Convenient and saving you the trouble of double data!

Reedge new lead overview details

Keep track of new leads

Reedge enables you to quickly create a customer file for your sales team to manage. Assign a status to leads, get notified when it’s time to follow up on an inquiry and see whether or not a quote has been issued or accepted. Glance at your Reedge Dashboard for a quick overview of all your leads and the leads that require attention.

Reedge relocation customer assignment details

View all assignments belonging to a customer or agent

Reedge always links orders to the customer or, if no customer is known yet, to partners. As a result, you always have an overview of which assignments are ongoing within a certain customer file or with certain agent.

Reedge customer details

Add new or edit existing clients and agents

You can easily add new partners or customers and all their associated information.

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