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Start your day with an overview of the most important information!

Your Company Dashboard is the smooth start of your day and the overview you need for managing your business and coordinating your company's moves. This performance dashboard shows the status of your moving company in one overview. View recently visited assignments, tasks, and widgets that display financial information. These widgets lay the foundation for a future customizable dashboard where the user can adjust the widgets to fit his or her personal needs.

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Widgets with important moving company data

Company performances insights

The widgets in the Company Dashboard give you insight into the most important metrics such as your revenues, the number of active assignments, number of quotes you've sent. Keep track of progress and see how your company is performing in once glance.

Reedge recently visited assignments shortcuts

Navigate to active assignments

The most recently visited assignments are also shown on your Company Dashboard. This allows you to quickly navigate to the assignments you’ve been working on last, saving you time finding the information you need.

Reedge Personalised To do List tasks

Your personalized to-do list

See what’s on your plate for the day by having an overview of tasks awaiting actions across your assignments. With the due dates of tasks clearly marked, it is easy to navigate to the tasks with the highest priority.

Reedge moving dashboard personal notifications

Notifications of important events

Notifications help you keep track of what's new and things that deserve your attention. Get notified of new tasks, messages, accepted quotations and more. This way you will be kept perfectly informed at all times.

Smartsearch your database

Smart-search your CRM database

Reedge makes it simple to search for your customers or partners and their associated assignments through the smart search function. This can be done through incremental search, based on all relevant data such as name, customer number or email address – whatever you choose. This saves you a lot of time retrieving and searching for a file.

Save time and effort by quickly navigating through all of your digital client and assignment data!

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