Reedge move management software communications activity feed

Cooperate and communicate with your colleagues and your customer!

Move and relocation management is all about communication. Therefore, communications are an important part of each assignment in Reedge. Our move management system makes communicating and collaborating with your colleagues and your customer easy. Stay comfortably in control of every assignment with the powerful built-in communications features of Reedge!

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Reedge relocation software activity feed

Activity Feed

Have an overview of every single thing that has happened within an assignment. With the Activity Feed, every question, document, performed task, or comment ends up in a centralized inbox - a log of the entire assignment sorted chronologically. If you ever want to know what happened or was said at a specific moment in the assignment, the Activity Feed is there to provide you with the answer.

Find the right information

The Activity Feed is a dynamic list of events that has filters in place for you to quickly find the right information. Sort the feed by user to find who said what, or apply the finance filter to only view information about your quotations and invoices.

Reedge automatic email notification

Get notified through notifications and email

Reedge has been developed in such a way that notifications of important events and updates are automatically sent to the right people. Notifications of tasks, messages and other important events are sent to the right person at the right moment - whether that is a coordinator working for your company or your customer that has to upload his passport! And as an additional reminder, you'll also receive an email with the notification to make sure you do not miss out on important information.

Reedge communications chat

Send messages to colleagues, partners or customers

Stay connected with your colleagues, partners, and customers. Within Reedge, you can communicate with colleagues and customers whenever you need to - straight from your Reedge portal.

Reedge move management software create moving task

Assign tasks to your colleagues or partners!

In every relocation process, there are default tasks that must be performed. But not every task is performed by the same person. Within Reedge you can assign tasks to a specific person. For example, it is possible to give one colleague an intake-call as an assignment and to link the pre-move survey to another colleague. When you are assigned a task, it will be added to your personal to-do list.

Moving and relocation documents

Share documents, quotations and invoices

Within Reedge you can easily share documents, quotations and invoices with colleagues, customers and partners. You can also indicate who should have access to which documents, learn more about this feature in document management.

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Reedge customer communication portal relocation

Provide your customer with a user-friendly Customer Portal

Give your customers one central environment for their move with the Reedge Customer Portal! Within this portal, they can ask their questions, share important documents such as their passport, communicate their preferences for moving dates and more, all in one location. This secure web portal has been designed to look similar to communication tools customers use in their daily lives, lowering the threshold for your customers to enjoy their personal Customer Portal.

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