Reedge Moving software relocation assignment

Get a 360 ° overview of your clients' relocation

Reedge provides a clear overview of your move assignment with a two-layer system. The two-layer system makes it easy to manage the entire moving process since all the relocation information and communication is stored in one place.

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Reedge Move Management CRM software

Quickly access move assignment information

The first layer is the customer file, this contains personal details (name, contact details, date of birth, customer number).

The second layer is the move assignment, you can directly access this in the customer or agent file. In the assignment you can find the ordered services, activity feed, quotations, planning, documents, contacts, and more.

Within the overview of the assignement you can quickly contact the customer, keep track of an individual assignment progress with the brand-new 'Milestone widget', and create general assignment notes or moving tasks.

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